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Reviews of CCTV Security System

A CCTV (or closed-circuit television) camera is an analog video camera that transmits signals via coaxial cable to a single central location for monitoring, recording, and video analysis. While the recent trend is a push towards IP network cameras, CCTV cameras are still widely used, and offer a cost-effective answer to many common surveillance scenarios. CCTV technology has been around since the 1940's, and became a major player in the security industry around 1970. The technology is tried and true, and there are CCTV camera models for virtually any surveillance application. The two main categories of CCTV cameras are fixed cameras and pan/tilt/zoom models which can rotate horizontally and vertically to cover more area.

CCTV security systems have continued to be so successful for helping both individuals and commercial businesses protect their families, personnel and assets is because CCTV systems use cameras to transmit a signal to a main hub, which grants incredibly convenient, internal monitoring. And because CCTV cameras only transmit a signal to finite number of monitors within the same building they have been very successful in creating a comprehensive and easily managed security environment. These CCTV camera systems are frequently linked with crime prevention.

The variety of security solutions available today enables you to address virtually all of your security responsibilities by yourself or within your own workforce. Items such as outdoor security cameras and outdoor CCTV cameras help you to easily monitor your situation. And for those of you with a little more room in your budget, you'll definitely want to look into what's available for high end CCTV cameras. These items help you proficiently handle both home and business applications through simple functions and cutting edge technology housed in durable construction. You can even find solar CCTV cameras that help you stay green while you keep a watchful eye.

Businesses and home owners alike can do a lot to keep their property safe thank to the widespread availability of CCTV cameras. These cameras are specially engineered to transmit both audio and visual images and data to a main monitor or entire monitoring system. Improved security technology also allows any size of security staff, including unmanned monitoring within homes to operate these systems. For example , with the simple addition of a multiplexer multiple camera transmissions and feeds can be transmitted to a single monitor and all viewed at the same time.

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