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How come A home Assessment Review Most Recommended

Expert Author Crezzy Paul
The mere mention of the word 'antioxidant' conjures up visions of vegetables, tea, fruits, and even chocolate. Did you know that herbs and spices are also packed with antioxidant power? Botanically classified as vegetables and fruits, these organic products are devoid of the natural moisture that makes up an important part of the fresh produce, thus endowing them with higher levels of antioxidants. Spices are also rich sources of phytonutrients like carotenoids, phenolics and flavonoids and boast of many other beneficial effects.

Read on for a quick peep into the health-enhancing potential of some super spices.


Cinnamon can be best described as being easy, versatile and delicious. Health experts recommend mixing this spice into yogurt, sprinkling on oatmeal, stirring into curries or simply whipping into smoothies. They can also be used for enhancing the flavor of natural peanut butter, whole grain bread and all-fruit preserves. Cinnamon boasts of natural compounds known as polyphenols and goes a long way in regulating blood sugar levels.


Often considered as a mini salad by dieticians, a teaspoon of this spice is packaged with as much antioxidant power as 3 cupfuls of chopped broccoli. Ranking high in the levels of antioxidants, this dried herb is the perfect accompaniment for new recipes as well as everyday foods. You can add oregano to homemade or commercial pasta or sprinkle it on an open grilled sandwich for good results.


The compounds present in rosemary help in the reduction of inflammation capable of triggering off indirect risk factors for several chronic diseases. You may like to include rosemary in whole grain breads, tomato sauces, marinades for meats and rolls. If you wish to get a little more adventurous with this herb, then you may try ground rosemary in sweet quick breads and cakes too.


This vibrant yellow colored spice is an important ingredient of curry powder. The role of turmeric in encouraging better health cannot be debated and has positive influences on the brain, cognitive declines associated with aging and common cold as well. You can stir in turmeric powder in a chicken salad, egg curry or tuna salad mixes' along with a host of other preparations. It is also a good idea to whisk turmeric in vinaigrettes and dips for cooked vegetables.

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