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Bail Bonds - Taking the Stress and Worry Out of Making Bail

Receiving a phone call from a loved one who has been arrested can lead to a feeling of panic. Those faced with this experience may endure the high anxiety of being responsible for finding the fastest way to free their loved ones from serving jail time.

Aside from saving their loved ones from the trauma of being contained in a jail cell, being held in custody for long lengths of time can cause great hardships for families. If in school, the accused can miss necessary schooling, which can affect his or her overall scholastic success. If working, he or she can miss work and in result can lose his or her job.

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Many people have a basic understanding that release from jail usually necessitates fast, large sums of money, but most people do not have large sums of expendable cash immediately on hand. If the accused cannot make bail, he or she is held until the date of the court appearance which could be anywhere from a day to weeks from the time of arrest.

Bail is a promise in the form of a set sum of money, used to assure that the defendant returns to court at a pre-determined date and time. A bail amount is typically anywhere from a thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars, depending on the infraction.

Because coming up with thousands of extra dollars is not feasible for most people, seeking the services of a bail bond company is often necessary in order to relieve loved ones from serving time in jail.

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