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Equipment used in Table Tennis

Alright, so you've chosen that ping-pongis the amusement for you - an insightful choice! (Here’s an arrangement of every last one of reasons you've settled on the right decision). Presently, what precisely would you say you are going to need to start the game? As a novice, there's bunches of things you don't know yet. So here's an arrangement of the seven key things you will need to begin in table tennis.

Anti Spin

An elastic racket-coating material having a low erosion coefficient with the ball, proposed to diminish the impact of twist


Made of a plastic material, 40mm in distance across, with a weight of 2.7g


One 50% of the playing surface, divided from the other half by the net.


Divides the two distinctive playing zones

Pimpled elastic

An elastic surface comprising of an equally conveyed example of raised pips, or pimples, across the surface.

Pips in

Pimpled elastic on the surface of the racket sharpened steel with the pips inwards, giving a smooth external surface.

Pips out

Pimpled elastic on the substance of a racket sharpened steel, with the pips outwards.


May be of any size, shape or weight, yet the cutting edge must be no less than 85% wood.

Sandwich elastic

A layer of cell elastic secured with a layer of pimpled elastic, with pips internal or outward.


Cell elastic material utilized as the under-layer of sandwich elastic.

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